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Obtiva Craftsman Swap, Day Five

Posted 07 August 2010

Author Adam McCrea

I'm sitting in Chicago Midway Airport waiting for my flight home after an amazing week. Today was a very exciting day at work because I got to pair with Ryan Briones and we had the opportunity to hack on open source. Initially we were going to write a MongoDB-backed AB testing tool or fork Vanity to use Mongo, until we discovered Vanity already supports it. Damn them for being so awesome and shooting down our idea!

Instead, we decided to write a small Rails plugin for easily using Rails-3-style unobtrusive JavaScript in Rails 2 applications. This is an approach I've been pushing for in my jQuery and Rails, Sitting in a Tree talk that I've given a few times, but I figure a small plugin to package up the ideas would make them even more accessible. We thought this would take no time at all, but it turns out overriding Rails' built-in link_to helper is really hard. Since link_to can optionally be called with a block, we had to accept a couple different signatures. No big deal, though. We can pass the block along to Rails' link_to without a problem. The problem came when Rails' link_to makes a recursive call which hits our overridden function. For some reason that call still thinks a block has been given, even though the block was not passed along.

We were stuck for a while, and our day ended early so we could have a retrospective on the swap and so I could make my flight. I plan to finish up the plugin, though, hopefully in time to give the talk again at CRB this month.

At the retrospective we discussed what we liked about the swap and what could use improvement. That's probably worthy of another post, but I won't get too in depth here. It was a great discussion, though, and I certainly feel confident that these swaps will continue to be more and more valuable.

I can't thank Obtiva and EdgeCase enough for this opportunity. Not only did I get to learn from some great developers and see how a peer company is run, but I also experienced an amazing week in a great new city. Special thanks to Ryan and Chad for taking the time to show me around. You guys rock.